The MARIO Project


What is Mario?
The MARIO Project concerned the development of a service robot that helps to manage active and healthy ageing.

The main objectives of MARIO were:

  • To reduce the challenging problems of loneliness, isolation and dementia in older persons.
  • To assist caregivers and physicians in the comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) of subjects at risk to loneliness, isolation or dementia.
  • To make MARIO capable of supporting and receiving “robot applications” similar to the developer and app community for smartphones.
  • To make MARIO more personable, useful, and accepted by end users (e.g., gain perception of non‐loneliness).

RUR and the MARIO Project
RUR had a number of key roles within this European collaborative project.

RUR helped to develop the specification of the system, descibing both the functionality as seen by the user of the system and its technical implementation details.

RUR was appointed to the role of Technical Director for the project. This meant that RUR was responsible for the high level technical descisions made during development.

During the integration and testing phase, RUR provided technical suppport services to the validation sites to ensure that this phase proceeded smoothly.  

Mario and Seated Person Drawing

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MARIO received financial support from the European Union's Horison 2020 research and innovation programme within the thematic section "Societal Challenge on Health, Demographics Change & Wellbeing", grant agreement number 643808.


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