About RUR

RUR is a small, specialised high technology engineering company with extensive linkages to other complimentary high technology companies as well as leading research centres around the world.

Although only set-up in 2003, RUR can, through its staff and associates, trace its origins back to the National Advanced Robotics Research Centre that was set up in 1988

As well as offering products and services to clients, RUR also provides leadership in the field of advanced robotics through various activities including:

  • Providing the UK representation to, and the Vice-Presidency of, the International Advanced Robotics Programme (an intergovernmental organisation)
  • Providing Chairmanship of the IET Robotics and Mechatronics SIG
  • Providing SME representation to the Executive Board of EUROP, The European Robotics Technology Platform

Further information on current news and projects can be found in our Press Releases. Information on recent and upcoming Exhibitions can be found on our Exhibitions Page.


RU Robots Ltd
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United Kingdom



        (UK) 020 3239 3898
        (Int) +44 20 3239 3898